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Plusnet SMTP servers?

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Plusnet SMTP servers?


I just want to check if the following hosts are all I would expect SMTP forwarding from please? ( ( (

I have added ( too but think that no mail comes via this, merely, mail from PlusNet users are forwarded to it.

I have just set up Postfix on Mandrake 9.1 and opened my firewall for SMTP from this IP range. Dropping anything else.

I'll go set up some logging now but already seen some traffic from dynamic addresses which are not PlusNet so I'm battening down the hatches ha ha!

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Re: Plusnet SMTP servers?

These are for outbound mail only.

If your setting up a SMTP mail service then you need to accept connections from ALL hosts as mail will be dlivered directly to your machine.

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Re: Plusnet SMTP servers?

Hmm, thank you Ben. I'll opening up port 25 on the firewall and see what happens.

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SMTP for dummies ;-)

You do not have to have SMTP open to the World. If your DNS is set correctly you can bounce incoming mail off and only allow connection on TCP 25 from and

A sender will attempt to connect to your primary MX, get rejected and fall back to the servers. You can then poll your mail using a cron job to finger

The easiest way to send is to route all mail to which will get you around the connection restrictions that AOL place on Plus ADSL IPs.

I am not saying it is a good idea, just that you can do it that way.

To recieve SMTP properly;
1. You need a domain
2. Create an MX record in your DNS for your server.
3. Open TCP 25 to any host
4. Set up a cron job to finger autoturn once a day
5. Now reach for the AV and SPAM filters ;-)

To send SMTP properly
1. make sure your DNS resolution is working correctly
2. allow your server to send on TCP 25 to any host
3. set up a route that direct AOL bound mail to

Have fun