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Plusnet Customer support is class


Plusnet Customer support is class

the customer support is second to none

looky here

23:37:33 Comment By: You
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Hi i have recently seen NTL are limiting customers downloads to 1 gig per day , is this true and will you be doing anything like this?..

question 2 is when will the 1-2meg conections be ready for home users...if so??

thanks and keep up the good work

chrisSmiley Open
23:59:31 Comment By: Dave Watson
Customer Support Centre Hi Chris,

1, We have no plans to cap bandwidth on any of our products.

2, We are looking in to this and will be making a announcements in due course.

We expect the time scale to be around summer.

Dave Watson

look at the times

took 30 mins to answer my questions

plusnet are the best