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Plusnet / Bt download speed problems.


Plusnet / Bt download speed problems.

For the past 10 days I have had a query raised with Plusnet regarding the varying and generally extremely slow download speeds of my broadband connection. These occurrances have only happened since the introduction of this new 8Mb download rate. Previous to this I have had no problems at all.

My numerous queries to Plusnet have generally been ignored except to be given the standard reply of use the Bt speed checker to check the download speeds. This I have done on six separate occasions with the results confirming my own findings. However, Plusnet have no record of these checks although they are supposed to be logged on to BT’s database and are suggesting this may indicate a problem with my own equipment ? Sounds like a bit of buck passing to me. There other suggestion is for me to pay £46 to have my line checked !

Looks to me like Plusnet are washing their hands of these problems (that a lot of people seem to be experiencing) and are just hoping they go away, either that or that the customer will go away – to another ISP more than likely.

So are there any people out there having the same problems and what is the way forward ? Can anyone recommend a reliable ISP ? and if the problem is with my line will I not see the same problems with another ISP ?

I would be grateful for any advice.

Plusnet / Bt download speed problems.

When was your line switched to Max? If it was within 14 days then it is normal to see fluctuations within this period.

Plusnet / Bt download speed problems.

D'ont know if it has been maxed yet but when I log on it says that I am downloading at anywhere from 2mb upto approx 4mb, although the speed checks via Plusnet and BT say I am only getting between 127Kbps to approx 500Kbps. I have been having these problems for about a month.

Plusnet / Bt download speed problems.

Hi, I would just like to confirm that I am also having the same kind of
problems described by athlete and am being given the run-around by PlusNet.
I have noticed a slowdown over the last 2 - 3 weeks and finally got PlusNet
to admit that they have made some changes to my setup. Apparently since the
23 May I'm now on something called 'IP StreamMAX' - whatever that is !.

All I know is I never requested this (yea I realise I'm at the mercy of the
ISP here) BUT they never contacted me to tell me they were going to alter my
setup or when. They've just done it and possibly hope'd I wouldn't notice.

Up until that point (23 May) I was enjoying a 1Mb connection (don't think I
can do much better than this 'cos being in a village I'm a fair distance from
the exchange) now its halved and doesn't show any signs of going back to 1Mb.
(my subscription charge hasn't halved though :-(.

I have asked PlusNet to return my settings to how they were originally but
have had no response to this as yet.

This seems totally unfair as I wasn't having stability problems in the first
place so to be put on a system (no choice in the matter) that supposedly
improves stability (fixes a problem that I didn't have) but cuts my speed in
half whether I like it or not just seems wrong.

Is there a solution to this either technical / software / settings or just
customer pressure by badgering PlusNet ?.

I just want my 1Mb back !.
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It's all so slooooowww

Yes, same here!

It is all rather annoying... I was previously very content with my near 2Mbps PAYG connection... until now. I assume I am in the process of being "Max'd". I received the email a while back saying that the new MaxDSL service will be rolled out to everyone within the next few months, however, I was not told (even approximately) when.

My router (BT Voyager 2100) is reporting a Downstream Line Rate of 3648 Kbps, so from this I assume I am being "Max'd"! However, my actual download speed (having checked with PlusNet, ADSLGuide and the BT speedchecker) is a very consistent and very slow 128Kbps !! It has been at this speed for several days now. Oh, and occasionally the connection is dropped altogether (but thankfully, this is only 'occasional' at the moment).

Oh, and my upload speed is almost 3 times my download speed!!

For my usage of the net, I do not need a massively high speed connection, but I do need a reasonable speed, and reliability, which it isn't at the moment.

I was also unable to connect to the BT speedchecker between 12 and 7am (it simply timed out), which the PlusNet fault checker is wanting me to do.

Has anyone been moved over to MaxDSL without a hitch? Are other ISPs affected in a similar way, since I am lead to believe its a BT issue?!

I have been with PlusNet for over a year now, but there is very little keeping me from going elsewhere now, particulary since the webspace (a deciding factor for me initially) is also a bit cr*p!

We should be compensated at least - a free month or two I recon!

Line/Speed issue

Same here,

Began last Thusday/Friday - shortly after receiving the upgrade notice. DSL line has been up and down every 1-2 minutes. Router reported 5024 downstream connection - actually got 36kbps.

Wasted alot of time jumping through the various hoops - Bt speedtest, Plusnet remote checks (all of which timed out) but hey - they could not find a fault.

This morning appeared slightly different, the DSL line appeared more stable but the connection was being reported at 160 downsteam with the upstream 454. It's all over the place.

I would not mind if they came back and said, sorry we have issues with the move the 8mb. Instead they want me to try new equipment (which I would have to buy) just to make sure it's not my end. Funny that - we all appear to be experiencing sudden failures of our routers, filters and has anyone had their internal wiring blamed yet? That's the lastest.

I'm not wasting any more time on this, I'll wait a few more days to see if the mess is resolved, if not - I'll cancel, no point in paying for something i'm not getting.

Plusnet / Bt download speed problems.

Thanks for the replies guys - seems I am not on my own, From the varying locations of you guys it seems that it isn't a regional phenomenum but a country wide problem (Dunfermline in Scotland is where I'm from).
Think I'll give it another week or so and if no improvement I will vote with my feet.

Plusnet / Bt download speed problems.

I've nothing more to add to the above tales of woe other than ME TOO!

In my case I've had a 1MB connection for the best part of a year which has almost entirely collapsed over the last 3-4 days for no obvious reason (Plusnet's speed check is currently reporting anything between 100 and 280kbps). I haven't made any changes to my system and Plusnet haven't informed me of any changes they've made.

I'm still waiting for a response from Plusnet (though, to be fair, I did only raise the issue with them today) but having read this thread I'm strangely pessimistic about the likely outcome.

As this doesn't appear to be just my problem I think it could be the straw the breaks this camel's back. I'd really rather not have to spend the time researching and comparing all the various products from all the various ISPs again but I can only take so much.

Plusnet / Bt download speed problems.

I'd like to add my voice too. Although my router is reporting the following

Modem Status Connected
DownStream Connection Speed 4160 kbps
UpStream Connection Speed 448 kbps
VCI 38

the actual download speeds are much less. I was getting around 64kbs with my 1.1 Mbs connection and approx 17kbs with a 4.1Mbs connection.
I don't understand it, though I'm prepared to wait to see if it sorts itself out in a week or too.


Plusnet / Bt download speed problems.

Hi All

Same here too!

Started with PN in April as new customer on MaxDSL from the start.
Was getting around 1800Kbps until mid-May when it suddenly went down to 240Kbps for 2 weeks. Then up to 900Kbps for 2 weeks and now I'm down to 480 Kbps!

My point is, like most of yours, that I had a faster speed and I want an EXPLANATION from PN as to why it is slower.

Raised a ticket yesterday, did 3 speed tests and am now being told my slow speed is being investigated. I'm assuming it is a BT problem anyway.
Not confident of it being resolved.

I'm in Dundee, Scotland.

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Plusnet / Bt download speed problems.

SAME HERE. If it doesn't improve soon I am off to someone who can supply me with a service that will suit my line. I too was fine on 1mb. I am totally p--d off, I did not go on to broadband to spend my life trying to get it to work. I am not a geek and am not likely to be. Can anyone recommend a good ISP?

Plusnet / Bt download speed problems.

Latest reply from PN support - finally admitting there may be a problem :

Dear Mr McCloskey,
As we have previously acknowledged there are some speed issues with users that have been upgraded to DSL Max. We are not being unhelpful when we are asking for further information or speedtests. These are required by BT for us to raise the issue with them.

Now having looked at your delta reports that have come from BT I may have found the problem. The drop in speeds that you have seen seem to coincide with interleaving being turned on on your line. Interleaving is automatic and is switched on to make your connection more stable though it has dropped your speed.
You have 2 choices. Either request to turn interleaving off which should raise your speed but the connection won't be as stable, or leave interleaving on which keeps a stable connection but not as fast. Please let us know whether you want it turning off. (It can always be turned back on again if needed).

In addition to that I would recommend that you unplug all other devices from the phone line other than the modem/router and a phone for a day and regularly reboot the router throughout the day. This should force the router to connect at the highest speed possible.

Matthew Buckley

Watch this space !!


Ah Ha!

Are you going to give it a try i.e. ask them to turn interleaving off and see if that improves the speed? If you do please report back whether it improves things.

And while you're at it, ask them to read this forum and comment on the fact that we ALL seem to have a near identical problem Evil

Good luck anyway if you do try asking them to switch off interleaving!

Plusnet / Bt download speed problems.

Shame there isnt a discount for all this crap. I may migrate soon if things dont improve. The tech help are rubbish too, they know nothing at all about anything, must be reading from a manual. I dont expect to be told to use google to sort any problems. Cry

Re: Interleaving

Ah Ha!

Are you going to give it a try i.e. ask them to turn interleaving off and see if that improves the speed? If you do please report back whether it improves things.

And while you're at it, ask them to read this forum and comment on the fact that we ALL seem to have a near identical problem Evil

Good luck anyway if you do try asking them to switch off interleaving!

Don’t think Interleaving is the problem, I am having the same speed issues with disconnects, and have just checked if interleaving is on but its off on my line and the speed / service is crap