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PlusNet web servers down?


PlusNet web servers down?

Is it me, or are the web servers playing up?
Try accessing your home page. Or my home page for that matter.
Can't FTP in, either.

The CGI side of things seems OK though.

PlusNet web servers down?

Your site works for me
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Plusnet Staff
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PlusNet web servers down?


There's no problems with the web servers and your site loads fine for me too, what errors do you get?

PlusNet web servers down?

It's OK, sussed it this afternoon, just got back this evening and tried it.

Try accessing site: Netscape reports "The document contains no data"
Try accessing site: all OK!

Turns out is hosted by PlusNet, and PeerGuardian blocks its IP address, therefore blocking everything else on as well!

My mate alerted me last night that the site was down. No prizes for guessing what was running on his machine as well...

PlusNet web servers down?

Bah - I would remove the line from the Peer-gurdian database, as they have to wrongly listed.

Peer-gurdian databases come in the form of a IP address range and name. In the case of the entry, it only lists 1 IP address.

This happens to be

Considering this is a static HTML only server, it would be impossible for to use the server for any testing or attacks. AKA, there is no need for it to be listed.

Simply remove the line with from the list

Also, peer-gurdian has the alternate web-server at PlusNet listed too for another company. You can also safley remove this from the list.

You will find this under the address

As noted, these are static content only servers. You are more at risk from sites hosted on the CGI server, which is not listed.

PlusNet web servers down?

Done it. I thought would be's own IP address (the ADSL router at home, or whatever)?

E-mailed a correction to PeerGuardian's list managers, too.

PlusNet web servers down? - -

These are both official PlusNet server, and not Dialup or ADSL IP's.

IIRC, these are two load balanced servers hosted in redundant locations. IE, once site goes pop, site two takes the grunt.