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PlusNet helps connects Milton Keynes in broadband trial

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PlusNet helps connects Milton Keynes in broadband trial

PlusNet is taking part in a trial that may ultimately allow a million more homes and businesses throughout the UK to get broadband ADSL. Up to one thousand volunteers in the Milton Keynes area are now being sought, to see if they can successfully receive ADSL service during the large-scale testing, set to begin on June 1st.

The trial, to be carried out by BT throughout this summer, will help establish ways in which the range of ADSL services might be extended, to cover up to 99% of all those connected to broadband enabled exchanges. By extending the reach, BT hopes to address the frustrating situation in which many find themselves, of not being able to get ADSL when their neighbours can.

Marco Potesta, Marketing Director of PlusNet said, “We are very pleased to be taking part in the extended reach ADSL trial and expect to see a tremendous amount of interest in it; both from people living in the Milton Keynes area, and from outside observers. A substantial number of our customers desperately want to subscribe to broadband ADSL, but find themselves in the unhappy position of having failed their preliminary compatibility test, due to line quality or distance. We hope that this trial will prove to be BT’s first step leading to more inclusive coverage of service throughout the UK.”

Milton Keynes has been chosen for the trial since approximately 18% of people are out of reach of ADSL service despite all of the exchanges in the area being broadband enabled. The service coverage issues facing the new town have been highlighted particularly through the coordinating activities of Milton Keynes Broadband Action Group.

The extended reach trial will attempt to provide high-speed 512k ADSL service on lines up to 10km distance from the enabled exchange. Currently the maximum distance over which ADSL service may be reliably provided is 6km. Not all connections are expected to work during the trial, however BT will carry out extensive line testing at each location. BT Wholesale plans to use the information provided to launch longer-distance broadband products later this year.

Marco Potesta continued, “BT Wholesale’s plans to release extended reach broadband ADSL products are to be commended. This will go some further way to bringing broadband service to the majority of the UK.”

People in the Milton Keynes area (dial code 0190Cool who are interested in taking part in the extended reach trials can register their interest in ‘extended reach’ broadband through PlusNet by emailing with name, daytime contact details and the telephone number of the line onto which the broadband service would be activated. The number of participants is limited and those registering their interest will be notified as to whether they have been successful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When will the trial begin?
A. BT will begin processing orders on 1st June 2004. Initially BT will provision up to 50 orders per day for the first week, and 100 per day in the following weeks.

Q. How much does is cost to participate in the trial?
A. All standard account charges will apply, including activation and hardware costs if applicable. Full information of these can be found on our portal.

Q. How many people can take part in the trial?
A. BT is accepting a maximum of 1000 people onto the trial, from all the ISP's participating. These are allocated on a first come first served basis.

Q. How do I know if I have been accepted?
A. When we receive confirmation of your order from BT, we will send you an email to confirm if your application has been accepted or not. We should at this point be able to advise you of the estimated activation date.

Q. What are the lead times for my ADSL order to be completed?
A. Due to the trial nature of the process, it may take longer than the standard 7-10 days. During this process our support team will endeavour to keep you informed of the progress of your order.

Q. Will I need to purchase any special equipment?
A. No. You will not need to purchase any additional equipment other than the standard ADSL hardware i.e. Modem / Router and Filters. We can supply these when you choose your account type or may be purchased from a 3rd party supplier.

Q. Will BT need to visit my home?
A. Depending on your line quality, BT may need to visit your home in order to fit a special filter in an attempt to improve the ADSL signal. This will be done at no cost to yourself. BT will make an appointment with you to ensure this is done at a convenient time to suit you.

Q. What feedback will I have to give?
A. If an engineer has not been required during your broadband provisioning BT may ask you to complete a questionnaire in order to help them gather more information about your home or office installation.

Q. Is there any guarantee of service whilst I am on the trial?
A. Although we anticipate the majority of our customer will experience few problems, due to the nature of the trial faults may occur. If this is the case then our support team will be working closely with BT in order to resolve these as quickly as possible.

Q. What happens if the trial is not successful?
A. If the trial is deemed not to be successful for your line then the ADSL service will be withdrawn and all costs refunded to yourself via the same method in which they were taken.

Q. What happens at the end of the trial period?
A. Simply sit back and enjoy your PlusNet broadband service!


Broadband Operations Team
PlusNet Technologies Limited

PlusNet helps connects Milton Keynes in broadband trial

Well done to PlusNet, I live in Milton Keynes and the ADSL coverage is appalling. I was lucky enough to live close enough to an exhange so I have ADSL, but many people I know haven't been able to get it.

Maybe I will be able to get a few referrals after all.... Wink

PlusNet helps connects Milton Keynes in broadband trial

Thanks to plusnet also, I am also running successfully in Milton Keynes Smiley
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PlusNet helps connects Milton Keynes in broadband trial

Do you know what your line attenuation is?

Existing ADSL is installed up to and including 59.9db according to a BT guy I collared as my neighbour got bounced for having 68.7db.

Any other successful installs that are willing to post the line attenuation and distance from the exchange would be great.


PlusNet helps connects Milton Keynes in broadband trial

Not Sure what my line attenuation is.

Currently in Middleton, if that helps.

You can get more help and information from:

PlusNet helps connects Milton Keynes in broadband trial

Hi All,

Just for your information I am up and running on the extended reach trial in Milton Keynes with Plus Net after many years of failed applications.

My Draytek router reports the following:

SNR Margin 11.0 dB
Loop Att. 66.0 dB

It has not dropped out or failed once. There are also some connections running well over 70 dB.



Limit went up to 60db in Christmas 2003

I live in Monkston and - after 3 failed attempts to get Broadband over the last few years - am finally (I hope!) going ahead with PlusNet as part of the extended reach trial. However, when the BT guy came to check my line on Friday, he told me that BT had increased the db limit to 60 last Christmas (I did not know) which meant that my 59.3 reading was actually now inside the "limit" - whereas previously this reading had barred me from going ahead. Wish I'd known about this increase before...

PlusNet helps connects Milton Keynes in broadband trial

Most of these improovments make it into the national press, and BBC do somtimes do newscasts on it.

The problem is though, when they make it news worthy, it becomes garbled and doesn't mean the same thing.

Almost two months ago, BT did some price changing, on very different but multiple aspects of the DSL service in the UK. They cut prices on one product line, and introduced new products on others.

The end result from the BBC, was one souding like a single change, resulting in price cuts.

This left a lot of people unhappy, and some that refused to beleive the BBC where incorrect in there interpretation.

ADSL problem in Milton keynes

I've recently shifted to CMK. I've transferred my existing account from London to Milton Keynes area BT telephone line. It's been almost 2 weeks now and am still struggling to connect to Plus net ADSL. Have spoken to Plus Net and they say it's either line problem or router problem. Strangely I'm not been able to configure my Alcatel Router through their website. I can't make up my mind to buy a new Router or ADSL modem as there is a posibility that the new one also might not work. Don't know what to do. Sad
Do I have to contact BT to check if my telephone line is Broadband enabled?
Or shall I go for their own BT Broadband? Can anyone suggest me any solution. My post code area is MK9.

PlusNet helps connects Milton Keynes in broadband trial


Check out we have a problem with BB in certain area's of Milton Keynes which is one reason they choose to run an extended reach trial. There are maps on the site showing problem estates.

Thank You

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PlusNet helps connects Milton Keynes in broadband trial


Been operating from Old Farm Park with PlusNet since late Sept 2003 - just after BT announced their extended reach broadband. We were previously considering moving house as I needed faster link when working from home. Strange thing is that neighbours only yards from us were rejected by BT. Have had no problems and am currently sitting in garden soaking up the sunshine using wireless through Netgear DG834G - life is great when compared to the old dialup. Cheesy Cheesy

PlusNet helps connects Milton Keynes in broadband trial

Are you still looking for people for this trial?

I have a freind on Old farm park that wishes to go from NB to BB but is to far from the exchangeHuh?

If so let me know and i'll let her know..



PlusNet helps connects Milton Keynes in broadband trial

Trialists are still welcome from news I hear.

Howevere, there is unofficial (AKA, all but publicly released) news that the limits for 512Kb ADSL will be dropped from September.

It is upto you, but may be able to get it soon anyhow.