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PlusNet broadband service deteriorating.


PlusNet broadband service deteriorating.


I haven't been active on those forums much until now. I don't have much hope on PlusNet changing it's traffic management policies, but I taught I'll let everyone know that there is an additional traffic management policy, not described on PlusNet website.

Basically what they say is that for a user of Premier Broadband Option 2 you have two ways network management might be applied to your account. Either you exceed peak-time allowance and some Levels of management are applied (resrticting speeds of certain types of traffic during peak-time) or you exceed "sustainable usage policy" which will put a speed cap on your broadband. Bandwidth values when those policies are applied appear to be quite high 20GB for peak-time usage till some types of traffic are slowed down and 45GB till a cap is put on all broadband speed.

What they don't tell you anywhere on the website is that they also have another "sustainable usage policy" which is completely arbitrary and applied on their discretion. It is applied if your broadband usage is considered "unsustainable" and when this happens is something no Support Team member could explain to me. Whan this policy is applied you're put in the "low priority queue" wich is enforced all the time. If you try to browse websites and someone else is downloading mp3's via P2P their traffic takes priority over your's. In effect web downloads and web browsing are slowed down to 1kb/s during high-usage hours (that's not just peak-time).

This happened to me, I have used 21GB of peak-time usage bandwidth and 60GB of off-peak and according to info given on the website there should be no traffic management applied to my broadband during off-peak hours and ony light restrictions during peak-time. The truth is that broadband is completely unsuale (less than 2kb/s) every other time than a middle of a night. I have talked to numerous Support Team members, and none of them could suggest anything else that "change ISP".

I'm quite flustrated with them by now. Two years ago I paid 75 quid to install this broadband service, I've recommended PlusNet to numerous people and now they start treating users like this. I do realize they're a business and not a charity, but at least they could provide a real unlimited service for extra fee. All they can suggest is "change ISP".

Better think good before you'll get yourself involved with any long term contract with them.