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PlusNet Prices. Am I Paying too Much?


PlusNet Prices. Am I Paying too Much?

Just quick-reading around the board, i see a lot of people unhappy with PlusNet. I currently have no major problems. My speeds have appeared a tad slow the past couple days in the evenings is 1 down-side i would say, the other is, it seems i am paying way above what other deals elsewhere are, and even checking the PlusNet main page, i'm paying more.

My Account and Payment Details
Service PlusNet Broadband Home Premier 1Mb (Monthly Contract, PCI Modem) - Original SP - original

Started 21 Nov 2004

Although it says Premier 1mb, i'm actually on a 2mb connection now.PlusNet upgraded me for free.

I pay £29.99 a month. That was the cost back when i signed up, for unlimited downloads @ a 1mb connection. That then changed to being a 2mb connection @ unlimited downloads.

But i see prices elsewhere so much lower than what i am paying (& in some cases, at a faster connection also). As i said, even on PNs main page the prices appear lower.
I've heard too many bad stories about the big name companies, so i wouldn't move to one of those.
Anyone able to help me out here with a bit of feedback? Thanks.
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PlusNet Prices. Am I Paying too Much?

You are paying too much. You are actually paying for the equivelant broadband premier upto 4MB (which the 1Mb account changed to) also costing £29.99.

You should raise a ticket and request your free downgrade to broadband premier upto 2Mb and then only pay £21.99/month.

You should also ask when you will be refunded the additional amount you have been paying for many months as detailed in the vision for 2006 thread here (2nd para). In your case you were not actually made aware you were on the higher cost service (although your product did not actually change as far as features were concerned) so some form of redress should be available.
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PlusNet Prices. Am I Paying too Much?

But you also need to look at how much you download +net do not do unlimited so the higher price allows you slightly more monthly bandwidth or has this changed.

PlusNet Prices. Am I Paying too Much?

Is there any way i can see my month-by-month download for the past year or so, or is it only for the past few months?

When i first got broadband, i must admit, i was downloading a hell of a lot. Well, what I would call a hell of a lot, but still nowhere near what some people do. I don't download as much as i used to. I also have less time to spend on the net now.

In my account - connection settings - view my usage this months stats are...

8am to 4pm usage this month:

4pm to midnight usage this month:

Total usage this month:

under my summary of usage in previous months my highest was

Nov-Dec Peak-time : 5.97GB
Total : 9.49GB
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PlusNet Prices. Am I Paying too Much?

What you see on VMBU is all the info available. PlusNet only give the current and last 3 months worth of figures and they cannot give you the details for anything older.

Going by your usage it would appear you are on the wrong product as the premier upto 2Mb is more than sufficiant for your needs. I therefore suggest you ask for your free downgrade and start paying the lower fee as I indicated earlier.

PlusNet Prices. Am I Paying too Much?

thanks a lot for the help. I raised a ticket & have 2 options really.

Keep paying 29.99/month, but i shall be moved to the 4mb service

drop to 21.99/month and stay at the 2mb service.

no refund is available

i think i shall opt for the 21.99

thanks again guys.

PlusNet Prices. Am I Paying too Much?

I'm paying 44.99 per month for an "up to 4mb" homeworker pro package.

My exchange will only do a max of 2mb.

My Bandwidth sits around 3 or 4Gb a month, but has gone as high as 9gb one month.

All I want is a good download speed and a permanent IP... what do you I reckon I should do?
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PlusNet Prices. Am I Paying too Much?

If you are eligible for a residential account, then a PAYG account probably be great for you.

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PlusNet Prices. Am I Paying too Much?

That £19.99 PAYG 10Gb with Plustalk is a good offer...