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Plus vs Premier. Worth £7 extra?


Plus vs Premier. Worth £7 extra?

What exactly is the difference between a Plus connection with Plusnet at £14.99, and a Premier connection at £21.99?

When I signed up with Plusnet a year ago I chose the Premier account because I wanted to be able to do more than surf, like download large files over p2p and usenet. This is what I was promised. But over the past year incremental changes seem to have negated the difference between the two products.

Now with traffic shaping on both products, doing anything other than web surfing and sending emails is impossible other than in the middle of the night on Premier. I'm not really clear what Plusnet mean by "priority over our networks" for Premier accounts any more. I certainly don't seem to be getting any priority with 1kB/s downloads on my 8Mb/s connection as standard! As for fax to email, mySQL and domain hosting, I've never used any of these. And lets not mention broadband phone - it is certainly not the sort of service you would want to pay money for.

So, can anyone tell me why I am paying £7 extra a month for the "Premier" service :?:


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Plus vs Premier. Worth £7 extra?

The premier is not premier compaired to the plus package.

I got fed up paying extra for a service I wasn't getting and I downgraded. Now for £14.99 a month I get supposedly unshaped unthrotteled connection 24/7.

It would be good if everything worked 24/7 at present some seams to work 7/24.

I use generally about 2gb so I was happy to reduce to the 14.99 package, the cut in voip minutes won't dissapoint either as the servic for voip is currently hit and miss.

Save yourself the £7 I wish I'd moved sooner.

BEWARE THAT PN WILL SKIN YOU FOR £14.99 DOWNGRADE CHARGE. At present I think charging us for downgrdaes is a cheek as the service is downgrading gradually each week anyway.

Yuou can opt for PAYG with 2gb limit for 14.99 4 gb limit for slightly more or 6gd limit for 17.99. It's apparently unshaped all the time the peak period is longer but if you don't use your limit in amonth anyway your quids in.