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Plus net suck!


Plus net suck!

We've just come into the office to find our broadband is down.
After 45 minutes on hold to plusnet we did what they suggested and went online via dial up to see if there were any problems.
Nothing mentioned here.
Emailed customer support as they suggested. The response time is over 15 hours!!!!!!!!!

Am posting this because hopefully any would be plusnet customers will read this and go elsewhere!
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Plus net suck!

Hey whatkatiedid,

If you provide details of the problems you are having then we might be able to give you some help to what the problem is and where it lies:

If your router or modem syncing with the exchange? (is there a light on it constantly flashing or on permenantly)

What exchange are you on?

Have you done any work to your premises recently?
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Plus net suck!

You could try logging on to bt speedtester by following the instructions here. The you can rule in or out if PN are the cause of your problems.


Plus net suck!

There aren't any other people stating problems with connections, are you sure it couldn't be a BT problem somewhere?

Someone is routinely digging up the cables along our route. Oh and that time they decided to drive a car INTO the exchange... that was fun Smiley

Plus net suck!

15 hours?
You'll be lucky. Reponse time is about three to five days at the moment, and the answer you get will not be helpful!
Good luck.



Who has had the worst service - I am on my third complaint in less than a year and this one has been logged for over 5 days with so far nothing but an automated response - my broadband has stopped working for extended periods 3 times and now that it is running, plusnets own speedchecker is telling me that my speeds are less than dial up - i pay £14.99 for this - plus about 4hours of phone charges waiting for the ludicrously undertaffed support lines to pick up - When they have they have so far been unable to help - actually advising me to switch off and on - AND THEN CALL BACK - ha, ha after 50mins waiting for them to pick up the first place.
I am not sure what other providers are like - but in my experience - Yes Katie plusnet SUCK. and WHILE they are sucking they are charging you for everything they possibly can. They define customer Dis-service, making BT and British rail look like you your personal man servant.
Post your stories here - maybe we can get plus net to give out a prize of returning your support query for one lucky winner - or even , for the star prize a phone call of apology!