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N/A - a total disgrace

I started experiencing a fault back in June whereby my connection intermittently drops. It wasn't too bad to start with but has progressivley got worse. It makes any surfing impossible. I have logged a fault torwards the end of July and was advised to try a few things such as another modem, a different filter etc. I did so and nothing changed. My call was "escalated" and someone else advised me to try the very same things as the first lot. I haven't heard anything now since 4th Aug.

To say I am frustrated is an understatement. I rue the day I joined and to cancel is going to cost me over £60.

What an absolute joke this organisation is.
N/A - a total disgrace

I saw an acknowledgement from plusnet on ADSLGuide that their support system was failing and that they were taking steps to improve it but that it would take time.

Thing is, their support used to be very good, so they intentionally ruined it to arrive at this point.
N/A - a total disgrace

The best thing to do is cancel your PlusNet account. I have been trying to contact them for 4 weeks, but to no avail. Even cancelling your contract is difficult. I have left several messages on the help assistant asking to cancel my contract but these have been deleted. I then sent a letter by recorded delivery 3 weeks ago but no reply. PlusNet are completely hopeless and will probably not be around for very much longer!
N/A - a total disgrace

@fiestaonline - is this your only response for every issue? I've seen the same cut/paste answer to a number of posts today.
Whilst I can understand your frustration, and agree with a lot of what you say, its not particularly community spirited to post the same thing in so many places - it gives the appearance of 'fly-posting' without really being interested in helping, or contributing something worthwhile to the conversation.
No flame intended - just my 2p.

@heavyrat - did you also try using the master socket for your connection (with the faceplate removed to eliminate any chance of extensions causing interfereance)
If thats also been tried, it appears you have exhausted every avenue except two: Pester PN until they sort it (ie until they get BT to sort it), or stump up the cash, and go elsewhere.
Both have downsides, although if its a problem with your line, you will likely have the same issue elsewhere, except they will probably be quicker getting BT to sort it.
N/A - a total disgrace

Just tried it without the front on the BT wall socket and my problem is solved.

I've still got a ticket open that has now been passed to BT. Will I get charged by BT if my socket is faulty?
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If it's the BT socket or the BT wiring that has now been removed when you took the faceplate off then no.
The fault would seem to be caused by the extension wiring so thats up to BT to fix. Smiley
(assuming that it was them that wired it in.)