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Please help with accessing sites


Please help with accessing sites

[Asus A7N8X Deluxe Rev2 / Athlon XP 2700 / 512 DDR333]
[Running Smoothwall Orient as Firewall / DHCP Server]
[Plusnet ADSL Home with US Robotics 9000 USB Modem]

Hi All

can someone out there please try and access any or all of the following mainstream www addresses?

i have not been able to access my 3 most important sites (and some others) for around 4 days now and its driving me crazy, oh and before anyone asks...

No i dont have the Blaster worm, yes i have tried with the modem directly attached to my machine, released and renewed my DHCP assignments, also flushed win2k dns cache, set win2k directly to +Net DNS Servers and still having no success.

many thanks in advance

Craig :roll:

moderators note (John) Please help is not a descriptive title. I have made it clearer for you
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Please help with accessing sites

Yes I can get to all 3 of the sites with no difficulties?

Please help with accessing sites

All three working fine and dandy.

I have a machine with smoothwall on here (hoping to become a UK distributer) though ti is refusing to allow me access even on the green interface.

You need to try and find out why it isn't working, using one of several ways.

1: See if smoothwall will allow you to debug all traffic.

2: make sure it isn't a DNS cache issue by restarting the machine

3: When you plug the modem into the main system, unplug the network card. Remember that the DHCP information from smoothwall is telling the computer that smoothwall is the gateway. In otherwords, limit all access to a single interface (the USB mdoem).

Please help with accessing sites

thanks for your help fella's... although not resolved yet, i think i may just have to give "smoothie" a clean pair of heels and re-install...
acarr i'm sure you know its a simple process... Smiley

many thanks again and i'll keep you up to date with the situation

oh and john, updating the topic subject.....**nice one, cheers**

Craig Riddoch
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Please help with accessing sites

I couldn't beleive how qucikly the damned thing installed.

Most of that though is due to the low dependancy requirments and no X server.

Installing is one thing, getting th damned thing working is another. It has just added another server to the "powered down" list. Good job I have 18 distros to choose from.


i have been really impressed with the orient release, as you say installs in a flash and a littel linux know how can go a long way with this product.

and the fact that it flys like the wind on my otherwise crippled celeron 400 sitting in the attic

i currently only use green / red zones (red for modem) as i have no need for the de-militarised zone, after all it is running on top of only 6 machines here at home

I had tried IP Cop but just found it to be the usual rip off by unscrupulous ex-partners with no sopport and no chance of further releases

best regards


Please help with accessing sites

Hi Guys,

I am having a similar problems, I can't access three websites (that I know of) unless I go through a public proxy. I know its a dns issue because the sites are being resolved to 192.x.x.x addresses for some weird. I have tried everything even connecting the router to a stand alone machine with a fresh install of XP, but still no avail. Also I cannot send mail to the domain? After spending multiple hours on the phone to tech support, I thought I'd give you guys a try.

Also I play games online, after I stop playing, I have no net access for about 5 mins, seems like the router is overheating?

Hope you can help, this is very frustrating.

Thanks in advance.

Kind Regards,

Liam Bradbury.