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Pissed off with MS - Help appreciated


Pissed off with MS - Help appreciated

Really annoyed with MS...

I am running xp pro on my month old xp2500+ and made the serious error of running the network setup wizard to share broadband line through a crossover cable from lappy ... and now my main machine is so slow starting up ... i wish i had done it manually as then i would know what was going on.

Anyone have any ideas on how i can undo the changes that the wizard made?

It probably takes upwards of 3 minutes to get past the logon screen to the desktop with the HDD slogging its guts out all of that time.

Going to defrag tonight but it shouldnt be like this.

Any help appreciated.

Pissed off with MS - Help appreciated

You can try using a System restore point.

The quckest way I find into this is

Click Start
Goto Run
Type "msconfig"
Hit OK

Click the "System restore" button and follow the wizzard

Apologies for moderator having to censor previous post

I am gettng even more irate - did the ol' system restore and i cant go back to before the network wizard - it just tells me it could not restore. So i ran defrag on all my HDD's and it has made no noticeable difference to the startup time - it is still looking around the 3 minute mark with nothing heavy installed on startup - all i can figure it is is the network wizard.

I presume it is doing something looking for the network? Even when i disconnect the lot (except usb modem). Is there any way i can stop it looking for other computers on the network at startup?

Also another quickie - am i just being a muppet - can i not set my modem to autodial when something requests a net connection to save me always logging on.

Cheers - Chris