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I havent had a decent connection all day, i got on first this afternoon, then after 30 mins i lost all activity NO SEND OR RECEIVE. i disconnected to find that i couldn't re-connect again, as i keep getting Invalid user name and password, as i reported to PissNet last night and didn't get a ticket reply, but that's all becoming quite normal for me now.

Anyway when i got connected the second time, see my previous post today, it was short lived for only 20 mins.. before the same thing happened again, and i still get Invalid user name and password.. cant connect via my ADSL Home self install 1 year contract £23.99 a month.

I'm using this 0845 local call number all too much.. my phone bills are bigger and i shouldn't have to use an 0845 number when im paying for ADSL @ £23.99 a month.

If this keeps happening after you have completed all the upgrades tonight and into next week, im seriously considering leaving.
I don't care about a 1 year contract.. you aren't providing what i signed up for, regarding an always on when i want to use it DSL 500 account.

Please get things sorted.. or i won't be the only customer leaving or not re-newing their contracts.

Happy 5th birthday PissNet..
i really couldn't care less if i get banned for speaking my mind.. that would be great because i will be free to go sign up with a provider who has no daily connection issues.
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RE: PissNet

Aye they can't ban shit. Otherwise we would all start launching DDOS attacks against them just to free us of our contracts though I am a monthly dude so I am fine. I hear ya though because I too do not pay for a connection that only works between 1am - 6am. If I were nocturnal I would have told them.

RE: PissNet

ive been the same. i usually hook up with a guy in LA for some fraggin on his lunch, which is 8pm GMT. yet another night, ive had to skip it... customers should not lose their service during any sort of upgrade, and we deserve more explanation and some sort of compensation.

RE: PissNet

I've signed up for a year.

Anyway I can get out of this - its just a waste of time and money and costing even more now due to resorting to dial up.

What can be done - anyoneHuh

Advice needed, have contacted Oftel but nothing thus far.

RE: PissNet

> I've signed up for a year.
Same here im stuck until april, it really sucks.