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Ping test


Ping test

Hi ive just got plusnet adsl, and just done my first ping test, the pings are around 30 then they jump to 77ish, whats causing this ping spike guys? also how do i share this connection now to my other pc? i already have 2 network cards and a cross over cable connected to them? explain in detail if you could please...

Thank You in advance
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Ping test

Hi there,

The usual reason for ping tests to spike is if you are using the connection for something else when you are doing it. There is always some variation but if you take the average over a greater number of pings you will get a better result.

In windown you would do this by typing (50 pings used in this example) you would type:
ping -n 50

This would ping 50 times and give you an average. Also, make sure you try to a number of different locations as the load on the server that you are pinging will affect the results.

To get your connection shared between two computers I would have a look at our support pages here where we have a quick guide on using Windows ICS. There are other ways of doing this using third party software, much of which you can download for free.


Ping test

Thanks, i'll try that ping test thingy, ive sorted the ICS out now.

Thank you for your reply: