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Ping Spike


Ping Spike

Hi i have just done a ping to and getting quite high pings for some odd reason, here is the test result, can others please verify there ping to this server too! Cheers Smiley

2 37 ms 31 ms 36 ms []
3 53 ms 31 ms 78 ms []
4 22 ms 31 ms 31 ms []
5 37 ms 31 ms 30 ms []
6 22 ms 78 ms 30 ms []
7 24 ms 36 ms 22 ms []

Ping Spike

the only one on that list that i would find to be high is the 57ms one. i just pinged and got an average of 16, min of 14 and max of 22 so no problems here (i always get 14ms pings to PN's servers).

Also getting:
16ms to
103ms to
20ms to
14ms to (as you asked)

Ping Spike

You should not worry too much about the ping spikes in the middle of a traceroute, and in many cases, this is perfectly normal.

The high middle pings should only be on concern during period of high packet loss on that node, and when you are seeing high pings on the final destination.

Routers priorities traffic coming in and out of there interface, so that everything runs as smothly as possible (for square damned wheels that is Tongue )

Traffic that is designed to flow right through it, ie in one side, and out the other, on its way to the destination, has a much higher priority than pings.

In question form.

Why should I waste my time replying to say I am here, when I could be busy forwarding other peoples messages?

This is why you can quite often see this, while the request is queued.

Higher ping values can show a high load system, while losses show overloads.

If you are seeing loss on the final destination, you can usualy trace the problems back to the first system to return high pings or major packet loss.

However, a single node is never normaly the only problem, and is usualy cause by 2 or more.

Ping Spike

Thank you for your reply's i seem to be getting a higher ping than Gillard to the sites he pinged and to, i'll have a game online and see what i get, Gillard what games do you play online?

Cheers guys Wink