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Phone not working


Phone not working

Hi, question to the experienced and knowledgeable out there.

Very strange behaviour - my BT analog voice phone does not work - no dial tone - just a little white noise. BUT my ADSL Router and connection works fine. Tried all the obvious things - disconnected all the phones 1 by 1 - tested the phone on another working line - disconnected the Router - looked at some very strange BT wiring. Still no dial tone. BT tested the line (so they said) and it was OKHuh Then said that it would take about 2 weeks for an engineer to be able to look at the problem.

Anyone any ideas - to me it looks like the wiring to the exchange must work since ADSL works - and it points to an exchange or wiring fault somewhere - but where and how to find it?

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Phone not working


Firstly how many telephone devices have you got connected? and are they all filtered?

Have you tested the phone straight the socket? does it work? is the phone on the end of an extension?

Have you looked at the ADSL wiring guide in the tutorials?


Phone not working

Aaron, thanks for the fast reply. Forgot to point out that all was working fine - and had been for over a year - it suddenly decided to stop working. Cant think of anything I did to change anything - no new phones - same Router - nothing.

I have tried a single anlaog phone direct into every socket in the house, with and without the Router connected. Still the same results. Rebooted the Router.

Someone on the ADSL board suggested that ADSL will work with one wire disconnected - but voice wont - any experience of that - sounded odd to me - but possible. Where would you check the wires for this?



Phone not working

ADSL Uses 2 wires to my knowledge. I think you may have a line fault to be honest.

Do you get white noise, when your ADSL if off? that's normally the give away. Ask BT to perform a line test, a voice line test.
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Phone not working

I have had the same thing when my phone went dead but ADSL was still working.
It turned out to be a corroded underground cable that needed to be replaced.

I have seen similar where my wife works and the cables outside the building were flooded. No phones in the offices were working but they still had communication by email over ADSL :?

So amazingly ADSL will work over wet string Cheesy

I suggest you report the phone line to BT as faulty.