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Phone Trouble


Phone Trouble

I hav 3 phone connections in the house 2 of them are fitted with cheaper phone splitters and the other that my modem is connected to is connected to a dearer phone splitter on phones on my 2 cheaper splitters i find that they are a bit crackly should i expect this from cheaper splitters and to get rid of it do i hav to pay 34quid for another 2 good phone splitters to stop this awful cracklingHuh please help

RE: Phone Trouble

I have cheap 8 quid splitters and no problems.
Suggest that you unplug the DSL modem and plug
the phones straight in just to make sure that
your internal wiring is not at fault (i.e. still
crackles with no splitters installed).

Also note that DECT phones are real cheap now - could
get rid of those 2 phone outlets and plug a DECT phone base into the good splitter and have 2 phones off the one base !