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Performance issues running Voyager 1060 on Windows ME


Performance issues running Voyager 1060 on Windows ME

I am running Voyager 1060 on my Dell Laptop (Inspiron 5000e 600 Mhz processor 192 MB memeory) in conjunction with Voyager 2100 router - all Voyager kit supplied by PlusNet. Everything functions fine but so long as the task bcwltry.exe (which services the wireless adaptor) is running I get the following symptoms:

1) The Windows system restore feature no longer takes regular restore points - if I kill the bcwltry.exe task then a restore point is taken within a few minutes

2) As I use the web and / or other software (e.g. Excel) performance deteriotates with time - getting increasing delays when selecting itms before the confirmatory click is heard. As time progresses the delays get longer and sometimes I the get mutiple conforlatory clicks. Mouse poiner freezes until click(s) are complete and the works OK for a while albeit sometimes hesitantly.

As time progresses any video clips on the Web (e.g. news from bbc) I get hesitation / echo on the sound

It is as though multiple tasks are being spawned and / or are waiting for each other. If I reboot all symptoms disappear for a time. If I reboot and kill bcwtry.exe then everything works fine (but of course I cannot then access the web). I do not have an ethernet adaptor so cannot try direct wire to the router.

My windows ME and Internet Explorer is fully patched with all critical fixes. AVG and Adaware / Spybot are fully up to date and detect nothing. As far as I can see there are no excess tasks visible when the problem occurs and CPU is not unusually loaded as far as I can tell. I have removed all possible background tasks to no avail.

I emailed BT / Voyager support who simply suggested there should not be a problem on Win ME and that I should download and install the latest driver. I did this and it turned out to be the same version as I already had ( dated 03/22/2004) and as you might exepect made no difference.

HELP - this is causing great frustration and I have run out of ideas