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Peak time usage


Peak time usage

Hey there folks, having been with plusnet for a over a year, yesterday i recieved the following e-mail.

This email is to notify you that you have successfully passed your billing
date therefore peak-time usage management has been removed from your

To avoid further restrictions to your service please schedule large
downloads for off-peak times.

Ive read various posts about peak time usage etc but this is all very confusing. I would be extreamly grateful if some one could explain does the above mean im downloading to much in peak hours?

This is the first time iv ever recieved this type of e-mail. Anyways apologies to sound so simple but iv not had no problems with them up until recently.

Thank you
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Peak time usage

What that email means is that at some time during the last month your account needed to be managed because you had downloaded/uploaded more than the current peak time allowance.

Once you start a new billing month the clock is reset and you start with a clean sheet for the next month.
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Peak time usage

Or you were not managed at all and it was sent in error: Service Status: Incorrect Peak Time Management Removal Email.

Peak time usage

Thank you for the replies,much appreciated.