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Peak Time Usage, you have used....

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Peak Time Usage, you have used....

Got this message this evening, never had this in the years I've been with plusnet, so either someone is piggybacking my wireless, or the logging has gone astray. But thats not the point of this message.

The point is, the message advises:-

Learn more about peak time allowances-

First of all the page linked to above does not make a single mention of how restraints come in based on excess bandwidth usage. So whats the point in pointing an account that has exceeded a bandwidth limit to a page that does not explain the issue ?? And second, the page refers soley to various broadband your way accounts, I am on broadband option 1, again the page has no relevance whatsoever.

A second link mentioned in the email points you to a page showing the useage graphs. That page tells me I have used more than 60% of my allowance, but it doesn't a) tell me what my allowance is or b) tell me when my month is up (is it tomorrow, is it two weeks time...its kinda important).

So basically I've had an email telling me I'm exceeded 11GB, when I get to 13G some "light restrictions" will apply, and it gives me a whole host of links, none of which refer to my subscription, nor give me the required information to allow me to decide if I need to modify my usage. Whats the point ?

[Moderator's note by Jonathan (Chillypenuin): Case dropped on part CAPS subject.]

Peak Time Usage, you have used....

You can all the relevant infomation for premier here:

You can check your daily / weekly / monthly usage via the VMBU. Usage is calculated within your billing month.

Peak Time Usage, you have used....

I have to say I'm a bit suspicious of the usage logging at the moment.

I'm a pretty light user (2GB cap), but my usage figures recently have been much higher than I would have expected. For example, a few moments ago (7.55pm) my usage so far today was 36MB. The PC didn't go on until about 9am and I left for work at 11.45am having done a bit of light surfing / email etc (not all the time though). My wife may have done similar this afternoon, but I can think of no way that we have racked up 36MB so far.

Also, my usage last billing month was about double anything it has ever been before (nearly 2GB), and I can't think of any major change in behaviour that may have caused this. I did have some connection problems and ran speed tests (3MB each time), but I'd have to have run hundreds of them to get my usage as high as quoted.

My wireless connection is turned off, so not hijacked, and I have nothing running in the background that makes heavy network usage, just a few time server requests etc.

What gives?
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Peak Time Usage, you have used....

Have you watched any online videos, e.g. YouTube, movie trailers or BBC news clips? Or listened to any online radio? Any software updates e.g Windows update, Apple update (there were new version of iTunes and Quicktime released recently), Anti-virus updates, Java update or other software?
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Peak Time Usage, you have used....

I know the new usage month has now come into play but last night somehow i used 170mb with 2hrs of online gaming (this is a first for me) as i only use normaly 20-25mb each hour for gaming, so in this case i exceeded my usage by 20mb somehow.... also today i looked at my usage and says i have used almost 7mb for broadband phone calls and yet i only surfed the net for 20mins so i dont know if i have a problem or not....please can someone surgest what i should do.
Also i have been thinking of upgrading but as plusnet has changed its peak time usage i dont think its worth it for me.
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Usage warning

I received the same message about the 60% usage
Have been with Plusnet a few years and that's the first time I've been reprimanded. like you I fail to see how I'm acheiving such high usage.

On another note my speed is now lower than dial up connection. although PN checker says no problems.

I've pondered since begining of the year to change ISP and to eb honest can see no advantage in now staying with PN

One unhappy bunny!!!
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