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Payments of this broadband service..

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Registered: 31-07-2007

Payments of this broadband service..

When i signed up, then said you got the activation and such for free.. but if you cancelled within a year you have to pay £50 odd then it will reduce by £11.75 each year...

I have got to the process of this..

Activating your line Your initial payment has been made: £17.74
When i view transactions it says.. .

1 ADSL Initial Charge (including ADSL hardware Starter Pack) £28.71 £5.03 £33.74
1 Postage And Packaging Cost £5.10 £0.89 £5.99

Total - £39.73

How is this, when they said £17.74.. ?

Then i have to pay another £21.99 as soon as i activate it here, when the modem comes.. Shouldnt you get 1 month then pay?? Most isp's do that..

Maybe this one is different??

Thanks .
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Payments of this broadband service..

I think you will find that most ISPs do charge in advance. I don't know of any that do not.

With regards to the info you are seeing RE pricing, I believe there is an error on the portal causing these to be incorrectly displayed.

If you either raise a link:Contact Us ticket, or give the support centre a call on 0845 1400200 they will be able to confirm my suspicions and clarify things for you.

Hope this helps!