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Password not secure?


Password not secure?

My son is accessing broadband on our home computer. As far as I am aware he does not know the login password. Any suggestions as to how he is doing this please?

Password not secure?

He either knows the password or the password is stored in the modem / router config.

Plus Nets password system is limited in that strong passwords are not permitted.

Sometimes, especially in a family environment it may not be that difficult to work out what a password is.

There are other ways your son could find your password. It just depends on how it savvy he is.

If you believe your account password has been compromised then change it through the portal. Ensure it is not easily guessed.

Password not secure?

I have just changed my password by accessing my account details. Watch this space!
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Password not secure?

If you change your password via the portal just remember you may need to update it on your modem/router, otherwise if the connections drops off for any reason you might be left wondering why you can't reconnect!
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Password not secure?

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Passwords & Discovery Ivan


If your son is very quick with IT and computers he might have used a password cracking program. Of which there are many if you know where to look for them, one such program used by systems administrators or system managers is called Lofcrack or Loftcrack this is used by IT staff to test companies password policies to make sure that passwords arent compromised by being to simple or obvious (Oh! no not that old chestnut again his birthday etc).

**A program like lofcrack can discover a password extremely quickly in the right hands, quite scarey actually.

**Strong passwords are those which contain a varied combination of alpha numerics in combination with up & lower case characters and are 8 or more characters in length.

**If a company has a good password policy, a systems administrator might enforce a password policy that forces staff to change their password as frequently as every month (possibly even x2 weeks in very sensitive situations).

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