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Part way upgraded to "max"?


Part way upgraded to "max"?

I had a lot of connection problems yesterday (many short-to-medium drop-outs), and while checking my router's status (after one or two full "15 minute power cycle" resets) I found that my line appear to have had the regrade.

I'm assuming the connection bouncyness is due to the initial setup while BT play with the line to find the mosty reliable settings for it, and I've seen documented that everyone experiences it for a while so I'll ignore it for now.

BUT. My link still seems to be throttled at 2Mbps speeds (something large is downloading now and seems to capped out at ~230Kbyte/s). The router claims to have synced at:
UpStream 448 kb (Interleave)
DownStream 5760 kb (Interleave)
(down was higher than that at one point, but has been at that value since ~10pm last night)

Is there anything that needs to be done to make use of the extra speed the should theoretically available? I've had no communication from PlusNet to tell me what is going on and/or what I should do next (I've only had the general "we are upgrading everyone at some point" circulars and the usual payment notifications). In fact I only noticed the chaneg "by accident"...

Oh, and one other question: how long is the link instability thing usually expected to last? A day? Two? Up to a full week?

And a small but probably irrelevant point: I'm actually more interested in the greater upstream speed than downstream, as it should be useful when using RDC to control the machine here over my little VPN.
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Part way upgraded to "max"?

In the the Help and Support section it says

"In the first 14 days following your upgrade, you will see your speeds vary, and may experience disconnections and some instability of your connection. This is perfectly normal. Tests are carried out during this period to see what speed your line can support. It's important that you make frequent new connections during this 14 day period so that these tests can take place.

It’s a good idea to disconnect your modem or router when doing this, to force your equipment to reconnect. The simplest way to do this is to switch your equipment off, then on again – if using a router make sure you switch your router off and on again. After 14 days, your speeds will stabilise at the fastest speed your line can support."

Check the specification of your router to see what maximum speed it will support. Some older ones may only go up to 2Mb/s.

Part way upgraded to "max"?

Ah, so the random disconnects due to BT trying to find the best rate might list anouther week or so, fair anough I suppose.

I don't have the box/manual/specs in front of me at the moment but IIRC my router claims to support up to 12Mbps and last time I looked it was synced at 5760K (if it only supported 2M I'd expect it not to show a faster sync speed).