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Packet Loss


Packet Loss


I have noticed over the last week problems with my connection. I mostly play online games & it can be very frustrating when this happens. I have created the information below which I have submitted in a ticket but I thought I would also post the results here in the hope that someone else could have some input.

Traceroute Results: indicate an average packet loss of about 2 to 3 % over a 20 minute period using WinMTR to host

Traceroute Time (24 Hour): 20:13 to 20:33
Traceroute Duration: 20 minutes
Traceroute Packet Size: 64 bytes
Packetloss in Traceroute?: Yes
Exchange: tested ok! (4th Feb)
Problem: Latency / Choke
Duration of Problem: More than 1 week
Minimum Speed Achieved On PlusNet Speedtest: 660 kbps
Maximum Speed Achieved On PlusNet Speedtest: 946 kbps
Average Speed Achieved On PlusNet Speedtest: 803 kbps
Account: ADSL Home (Self Install) - 1mb (50:1)
IP Block Size: Single (default)
Ticket Number: ----------
Additional Information: Also total outage for short periods of time is occuring quite frequently - about every couple of hours for differing lengths of time.

Anyone else had / having similar problems & know what the next step is ?[/img]

Packet Loss

Hmmmm - I guess that no one has had this problem then.........and it appears from the lack of technical response on my ticket that maybe plusnet are unsure as well. :?