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Package / Upgrade Confusion?!


Package / Upgrade Confusion?!

I've trawled through a lot of threads on the current package and BT upgrade situation, and I'm not sure that I'm actually any the wiser! I hope someone can help?

I was on a 512k Broadband Easystart package from Jan 2005 through to March this year. When announced the planned BT regrades, I understood that anyone on an existing Premier account would eventually be automatically upgraded to the highest speed their line could support (up to 2Mb/s). I took this as a cue to switch my account to a £21.99 512k Premier account (at a cost of £14.99) in the belief that I'd get the automatic speed increase when my DSLAM was upgraded. Is this correct? My current package is showing as 'Home Premier 512k'.

The 'usertools' thing is showing that my DSLAM should have been upgraded in April. If this has happened would I expect to see an increase in reported connection speed from my Binatone ADSL 500 USB modem? Or do I need to raise a support ticket? Or even worse, pay another upgrade fee to the 'up to 2Mb' account?!

Thanks in advance. Hope it's good news. :?

Package / Upgrade Confusion?!


there could be a number of reasons why you havent had the upgrade.

1. BT could be running behind schedule for your exchange.
2. Your line is not capable of being upgraded.
3. BT have messed up.

How far from the exchange are you?