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PPtP VPN & Linksys WAG54G

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Registered: 10-08-2007

PPtP VPN & Linksys WAG54G


I am trying to connect to my work VPN (PPTP) through my Linksys WAG54G.
All connections are wired.
I have tried configuration below on fixed IP and DHCP.

I have enabled PPTP passthough.
I have forwarded TCP port 1723 to my laptop.
Connection fails after "Verifying Username and Password" with an error message of "The specified port is not connected".

If I disable my firewall, it all works OK !

Any ideas ?
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PPtP VPN & Linksys WAG54G

There may be other ports you need to 'pass through' or port forwartd for it to work - also check you have set the correct ports and whether it should be TCP or UDP or both that are allowed. Check with the software as to which ones it uses.

By 'disabling the firewall' do you mean the hardware one in the linksys or a software one on yoru PC. If software, you will need to configure it to allow those ports through it.
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PPtP VPN & Linksys WAG54G

I've heard that the WAG54G and VPN don't go together very well, the general concensus is that they will release new firmware to combat this.
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Registered: 10-08-2007

PPtP VPN & Linksys WAG54G

I have been disabling the firewall built into the linksys box.

According to my research on the net it is TCP port 1723 that needs opening.
I have opened both TCP and UDP.

Also, using TDI Mon from I monitored a successfull VPN connection and saw traffic on ports:
67, 68, 500, 1085, 1723 and 4500
I have opened all of these ports to both TCP and UDP but to no avail.