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PPPoE, Win XP and Binatone ADSL500


PPPoE, Win XP and Binatone ADSL500

I know I have posted this in another thread but I would like some comment on it.

I have one of the old 2 light Binatone Modems. Windows XP expects broadband connections to be over PPPoE (with username and password) rather than any other way.

I'd been trying to find a way to get fool XP into thinking I was connecting using this method, and have managed to do so, using a 'bridged' connection. This makes XP think the old Binatone Modem is a network device rather than a dial up device and then allows the 'I connecting using Broadband with a username and password' option in XP to work properly. So far I have had no problems.

The communication setting in the Binatone Driver setup to achive this is 'RFC 1483 IPoATM Bridged LLC Encapsulation' all other settings are the same.

If it works, am I ok to keep it like this, or am I going to break anything anywhere?

PPPoE, Win XP and Binatone ADSL500

That bridged encapsulation is an older method not used in UK,
so your modem is probably running PPPOA and 'thinks'
it's bridged. I don't see what harm this could do but check
that your getting good speeds by taking a speedtest
It would also be interesting to see the results of a tweaktest
With reference to the drivers , you should have got
an option to choose RFC 2364 PPPOA during the installation
process (when you ran the cd) if not then you may have had the
wrong drivers.


I was previously on PPPoA on the drivers, but with that setting Win XP thinks it is a 'dial-up' connection. I wanted to see if i could make XP know it had a broadband connection.

Below are results of speedtest and tweat test. Any comments would be good.


Downstream 439 Kbps (54.9 KB/sec) 474 Kbps (inc. overheads)
Upstream 241 Kbps (30.1 KB/sec) 260 Kbps (inc. overheads)

Tweak Test (according to it everything is in the green)

Receive Window (RWIN): 65535
Window Scaling: off
Path MTU Discovery: ON
RFC1323 Window Scaling: OFF
RFC1323 Time Stamping: OFF
Selective Acks: ON
MSS requested: 1440
TTL: unknown
TTL remaining: 118

Actual data bytes sent: 146000
Actual data packets: 102
Max packet sent (MTU): 1480
Max packet recd (MTU): 1480
Retransmitted data packets: 0
sacks you sent: 0
pushed data pkts: 5
data transmit time: 1.974 secs
our max idletime: 141.2 ms
transfer rate: 44526 bytes/sec
transfer rate: 356 kbits/sec
This is not a speed test!
transfer efficiency: 100%
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PPPoE, Win XP and Binatone ADSL500

Some different MTU/RWIN setting might improve your speeds becuse the ones you are using are a bit strange. Check the MTU tweaks thread for examples.

i.e. RWIN 17256 & MTU 1478

Re: Results

I was previously on PPPoA on the drivers, but with that setting Win XP thinks it is a 'dial-up' connection.

Windows will see your modem as a 'dial up' this is correct,
it's basically the authentication method requiring a username
and password, not actually a 56k dial up, it's still broadband.
Having said that your configuration doesn't seem to have done
any harm.

With reference to your tweak test results,
using such a high value for RWIN isn't necessary
although some ISP's (Tiscali is one) recommend it.
It basically results in a slow down increasing packet loss.