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PPPoA is not an option???


PPPoA is not an option???


I'm just in the process of trying to get myself setup for the first time with broadband. I'm using a Netgear DG824M wireless router and Netgear MA111 wireless USB adapter, on a pc running WinXP Pro. This all seems to be working ok.

But when i've come to set up my broadband connection(using the 'New Connection Wizard' - Steps: connect to the internet; set up my connection manually; connect using a broadband connection tha requires a user name and password; ISP Name; User name; Password; Finish) it won't work (Error 67Cool.

If i check the properties for this connection, under the 'Networking' tab, it states that the 'Type of broadband connection to make:' is 'PPPoE' which i'm told won't work (as it's just for use in the US), but there are no other options available, so i'm unable to change it to PPPoA which is what i'm assuming it should be?

Can anyone help in sorting this out? How can i get PPPoA as a connection option?



PPPoA is not an option???

in the first instance alway contact manufacturers help line e.g.

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PPPoA is not an option???

Hi there,

There are two things to note here really, the first is that in Windows XP you need to go to "connect using a phoneline and modem" rather than broadband if you want to use PPPoA (connect using a broadband connection is for the US)

The second is that you should be able to use PPPoE now as BT have set up the exchange equipment to auto negotiate with both 'oA and 'oE.


PPPoA is not an option???

Ok, cheers for the quick reply, but now i'm starting to get a bit confused... is there a guide on how exactly i should be setting up my connection to Plus Net? I haven't found a detailed explination yet, but thought i was heading in the right direction Smiley

Is this actually a hardware issue with my router? Sorry to sound so dense, but i've not set up broadband before.

Any help in what i should be doing, or what i'm doing wrong would be greatly appreciated.



Sorted! :)

Ahhhh..... sorted! Thanks again for you help Smiley