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PPP Link Control Protocol Terminated???? HELP!!!!!!!


PPP Link Control Protocol Terminated???? HELP!!!!!!!

I've been on broadband for approx 3 months now, had no problems.
Logged on today, and within 5 mins, I had lost my internet connection. I reconnected, and basically, got disconnected 6 times in 15 minutes.
I rang Plus, and to be honest, the technician wasn't very helpful... told me that it's advisable that I run my PC from the MAIN phone socket, which just isn't possible, and that if an engineer had to come out, it was a £54 charge!

I've been logged on now for almost an hour and it's not lost connection, but i'm scared to turn my PC off for fear of not being able to get back on and STAY on!

When the connection is lost and i reconnect, the first attempt always fails, with the error message, Error 734: The PPP link control protocol was terminated.
What on earth does this mean, and is it a problem with or my PC?


PPP Link Control Protocol Terminated???? HELP!!!!!!!

First make sure you are using the correct name and password.

Check that "Include Windows logon domain" is not marked.

If they doesn't fix it check that "Allow unsecured password" is set in the "Validate my identity as follows" box.

To check those use Start / Run type NCPA.CPL hit o.k select the connection you use.