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PN Support can we PLEASE have an update?


PN Support can we PLEASE have an update?

Hello PN Support....

Look at all of the frustrated and angry customers you have out here at the moment just from the most recent posts.

Since your original Service Status updates at 13:59 and 17:38 you must surely have a timeframe for fix and know what the problem is. At the very least have some more details on the problems users may be experiencing. I am a relativly new DSL user so can you at least tell me that during this outage error codes 'XYZ', or 'ABC' are to be expected from dial-up networking in Windows so I at least know that I do not have some other error to contend with.

I look forward to an update which would at least inform me and let me know where I stand.

Many Thanks

RE: PN Support can we PLEASE have an update?


To give PN the benfit of the doubt and ths may be coincidence but I tried post from the service updates listed at the end of the mail out of desperation and it has worked. DSL access, email, web back up.

I hasten to add that I have been trying this fix all day since it was provided as I have been having problems with email access (sending), no luck all day but for whatever reason it seems to have decided to work now and fix all my access problems.

Good luck, and if this was the fix and not coincidence, PN is there any reason why this was not applied to all effected accounts automatically?

PN Service status post:
"12/11/2002 @ 10:08 ADSL data transfer problems
Dear Customer,

Following the DSL problem that we experienced yesterday evening we have noticed that some our customers are now unable to browse the web or send and receive email.

We are advising affected customers to change their login details to bt_test@startup_domain. Connect to the service, then disconnect and change their login details back to their own details this should then solve their problem.

This problem is due to the customers that were affected by the problem yesterday being connected to BTs test ADSL platform without them realising.

Kind Regards,

Customer Support.