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PN Speedtest shows Linux slow, XP fast


PN Speedtest shows Linux slow, XP fast

I've got a bit of a poser here.

I do a PN speed test from this Windoze XP box and I get very acceptable download figures of circa 1900kbps. I switch to my Linux box (same router/gateway) and run the test and the speed test results show 450 to 480 kbps, speeds that are not dissimilar to what I used to experience on the 512K service. Sizes of the test files are comparable.

Speed tests on ADSLGuide and Broadband Reports show results for both boxes as being pretty similar in the high 1800s to low 1900 kbps

All these test results are replicable time and time again (well as far as the test sites allow you to consume their bandwidth).

For the record, the MTU of both boxes and the router is set to 1458.

ftp and http transfers seem to max out on the Linux box pretty much at the same rates as the Windoze box.

Has anybody any idea why the PN speed tester is returning such anomolous results when tested from a Linux box?
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PN Speedtest shows Linux slow, XP fast

The plusnet speed tester isn't the most reliable ever (it's told people that there speed is 0 many a time)
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PN Speedtest shows Linux slow, XP fast

There are issues with some Java implementations which may lead to inconsistent test results such as with some Linux systems.

This could also apply to the Plus.Net speed tester.


PN Speedtest shows Linux slow, XP fast

I get the same rate with XP and Linux on a dual boot PC, ~1900Kbps.