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PN DSL bandwidth chart link?

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PN DSL bandwidth chart link?

Cant find that bar graph chart on the site anywhere, saw it in a post not long ago but now lost it.

So anyone got the url so I can mark it? I'm seeing higher than norm pings and wondering if theres overload here or not as my weekend pings usually rise by +5-10, atm there +20-25

edit: nm found it and does look like everyone and there dog is online atm
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PN DSL bandwidth chart link?

It can be located by clicking "Customer support" on the left, then "Services utilisation" on the right.

It is located HERE anyhow.

The load has increased, but only back to the pre-xmas levels we previously saw.

You may also find increased load for the next week, whilst people get back to work and systems play catchup and so on.