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PLUS.NET ADSL OWNZ!!! thanks guys!


PLUS.NET ADSL OWNZ!!! thanks guys!

After all the recent problems that Plusnet ADSL users have encountered, Plusnet seem to have resolved all the issues and created an EVEN BETTER service than before!

Okay, I was one of the few that complained when the connectivity was down, but it seems that have made every effort to accommodate those complaints. For a start, we are more informed of technical faults and service issues., unlike most other ISPs are willing to admit their mistakes, which makes us users more confident that they are willing to correct any problems instead of denying them.

Although connectivity was down for a while, it all seems worth it now as we're now getting an even faster connection than we bargained for, which shows that is constantly striving to give us, the customers, service satisfaction.

My confidence in Plus.Net is completely restored. I've read reviews of other broadband ISPs, and they consistently remain the same. understands the importance of its customers, and therefore do their best to cater to their needs, they really are a listening ISP. Totally recommend them.

Keep up the good work


RE: PLUS.NET ADSL OWNZ!!! thanks guys!

Dont want to burst your bubble but mine was fine for few days now i might as well use a 56k modem!

At best i get 28KB/Sec download and thats from Plusnet's tester.

Personally i'd rather they shut the whole damn lot down for an hour or two and fix it all at once instead of fix a bit then wait for another bit to go fubar then reconfigure that etc......

Sorry Plusnet just getting Miffed!!

RE: PLUS.NET ADSL OWNZ!!! thanks guys!

Keep up the good work


Thanks for the feedback. On the whole, we have witnessed a general increase today in the ammount of positive feedback we have received in conjunction with our ADSL services.

All the planned maintenance and upgrades that we carried out over the last few days seem to now be paying dividends.

Thanks for your comments.

Best Regards,


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