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PLEASE help me. DSL-300T & Linksys WRT54G Problems


PLEASE help me. DSL-300T & Linksys WRT54G Problems

Please someone help me, i have a D-Link DSL300T ADSL Modem connected via CAT 5 (Standard not crossover) to the WAN port of my WRT54G router which is connected to my PC via ethernet (CAT 5 again)

Now, my internet drops out constantly every 10-60 seconds, it doesnt disconnect, i can still access router config but cannot access any websites or use my internet connection.

After about 30 seconds the internet comes back up and is fine for another 10-60 seconds.

Im stuck

Here is my PC Info:


Local IP:

DHCP Enabled
Primary DNS:
Lease time 999999 Seconds


Local IP:
WAN Config: DHCP (Auto)

DHCP Server Enabled
Lease Times 9999 Seconds

Ipconfig is showing:

Modem: IP is Plusnet IP, Gateway is, subnet, DHCP is and DNS is

Router: IP:, Gateway is, Subnet is, DHCP and DNS is the same as above.

Everything seems to be set up right, firewall is disabled on my router, no firewall on modem and no software firewall running.

Weird Fact #1: When connected and browsing the web (in the short spaces i can do that!) i cannot ping any ip address, for example, i can GO TO but cannot ping or the website IP address

Weird Fact #2: Direct connection to modem and no router, when using peer 2 peer apps in active mode i cannot download anything or use the net or antyhing at ALL. when running in Active mode with port 1412 specified it will download from SOME people but not others, still no net access though. When running PASV mode it will download for most users but STILL no net access. When i shut down the p2p app from whatever mode its running, browing the net starts to work again STRAIGHT away!

Weird Fact #3: You can telnet the modem (when using a direct connection and no router) and it seems to be running BusyBox 0.61.pre which tells me its a linux box. However i can find no documentation on the telnet side of this mode anywhere.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

P.S Anyone thinking of buying this modem and router fact anyone thinking of buying this modem full stop......if your not a freking net genius dont bother, its a pile of shit!
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PLEASE help me. DSL-300T & Linksys WRT54G Problems

I have a linksys WAG54G and it works like a dream and I have to say that my expierience of it , is that its fab - I suggest you give Linksys support a ring.

PLEASE help me. DSL-300T & Linksys WRT54G Problems

I've got a DSL-300T, in my opinion it's absolutely crap. I've had so much problems with it conflicting with my router and not following regular standards.

I have found a way around it tho, this is my setup below


Dns (or whatever plus's is, that's off the top of my head)
DHCP is disabled

Now this is where things go a little strange.

Router: (different to yours, but i had the same symptoms when set up normally)

IP: my external internet IP e.g. (not my IP)
Gateway: I just put it at the start of my IP, presumably

using this people could connect to my computer, and i had full net access.

How I came to this setup was the way the modem works, when connected to a computer it will asign my computer the internet IP, not the local IP. So I mimicked this behaviour to my router. Rather than setting the router into the same IP range as the modem.

When I setup DHCP on my modem, it assigns my internet IP to my router. I can access the internet, but no one can connect to my computer. Which causes problems with webservers and such.

Personally I HATE the modem, but using the setup above I managed to get around my problem.
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PLEASE help me. DSL-300T & Linksys WRT54G Problems

What router do you use with this? I've tried quite a few (using DHCP to get the addresses). I can see Internet traffic coming in through the router fro the modem, but nothing out.

Using my laptop on DHCP with the modem is fine, but no way with the router(s).

Will try assigning my external IP directly and then use the lowest node number of the subnet as gateway - you never know :-)

Cheers ... Chris

Same Problem

I'm having exactly this problem with a D-Link 300T and a Linksys WRT54G. The internet connection stops completely for about 30 seconds every 40-60 seconds if I have the modem plugged into the WAN port on the Linksys.
It works fine plugged into my laptop LAN port, but has the same problem in another desktop machine.

I've tried the static IP setup solution suggested here with no success.

Has anyone managed to find a solution to this?

It works!

Just for the archive, I found a solution to this problem. Just change the IP address of the modem to something in a different subnet, like (assuming the Linksys WRT54 is or something).

My connection has been fine since I did that.

PLEASE help me. DSL-300T & Linksys WRT54G Problems

I did read somewhere that the D-Link 300T could not handle p2p programs very well due to the number of incoming connections. I use a ADSLNation Xmodem ce and wrt54g and have never had any problems with either tottent or emule links. Think the problem is the Dlink.

Best to read all the posts

The post above yours is a solution to the problem. I don't think the DSL-300 has much trouble with incoming connections, at least not with the latest firmware. I run a web and mail server on mine which means lots of connections and it works fine. I just tested it with hundreds of concurrent connections and the only limit is the upstream bandwidth.

Any app like P2P that uses lots of upstream bandwidth is going to cause trouble for ADSL lines because lots of ACKs get lost.

Another DSL-300T and WRT54G

I have this combination and have been having difficulty combining them.

I need to utilise the wireless networking in order to link the family PC in with the Internet connection. The Modem is setup and works fine with a direct connection to the LAN port (hence this Posting) but I have yet to connect via the router.
It seems to me that the IP address assigned by DHCP enabled in the modem is always the same ( range) and is never anything like the range configured in the Modem.
The router, I think, should be configured for "Automatic Configuration - DHCP" so that it will pick up one of this range of IPs. Enabling DHCP on the internal LAN should then assign the range addresses (100 - 150) to the PCs and devices in the house.

Can anybody see a problem with this configuration ? Has anyone already tried it and found failure ?

Connection Problems, dropping connection.

I no longer have this problem.

WRT54G With DSL-300T,
Wireless networking with WUSB11
Family PC connect via CAT5
Office PC connected VIA WUSB11

A simple PING command running on a loop (-t) would drop the wireless connection after a short time and I would have to reconnect.
During some research into Bluetooth I found that it uses 2.4Ghz for transmission. This just happens to coincide with Wireless networking. Since disabling my mobile phones Bluetooth interface I've not had the same issue.

PLEASE help me. DSL-300T & Linksys WRT54G Problems

Not long after my last reply it all went pear-shaped again.

Tried changing to the Linksys ADSL2 modem. Still the same.

Had discussions with the support guys. Just when I thought that I had been talking to the wrong people one of them suggested that I change the internal LAN IP address of the router from to 2.1
Anything for a laugh :? .
It worked!. Cheesy The latest version of the firmware saved the change and then reconnected the http interface without my having to do anything.

I've now got internet (Wireless and cabled ) all over the house.

Try it, it worked for me (so far)