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PCI model disconnecting sporadically


PCI model disconnecting sporadically

Hi there, I'm back home from Uni at the moment (having an awesome time) and i've come home for the weekend to find the home PC is having problems with the Broadband my familes has.

Before I went off to uni the PCI modem that came with our Home 500 self install package was in my computer, and we used that for the net (my family didn't use the net that often before I left). I installed the modem in the home computer just before I left because I took my PC up to uni with me.

Theres a real problem with it though, the connection drops randomly every few minutes, sometimes it drops every 1-2 minutes for a while, other times it might go for 10-15 minutes before it drops. The connection doesn't need to be "reconnected" as in you need to reconnect it by doing so in windows, it seems to drop and then recover itself before it fully disconnects.

The little utility that sits in the task bar that comes with the drivers for the modem makes the windows "bing" noise when it disconnects and the icon in the taskbar itself shows its trying to reconnect.

I've honestly got no idea what to do, i've checked everything is set up properly and the same as it was when the modem was in my PC and its all the same, the cable is even plugged into the same socket.

This is really annoying my family and they're pretty desperate for me to fix it but i've got no idea whats causing it.

The computer is running XP Professional + SP1

Thanks in advance, Mark

PCI model disconnecting sporadically


Have you checked your wiring is setup correctly? See ADSL Wiring and filters within the tutorials section. In addition have you got filters on all the telephones and sky as well.

Have you checked your local exchange status?