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PCI Starter packs


PCI Starter packs

I am also having problems with my newly installed PCI modem starter pack.

1.Line sync. problem: Takes ages to syncronise after system boot, in discussions with other broadband users I am told that the best option is to allow the modem to sync. the line before turning the computer on, therefore an external modem would appear to be a more reliable option.

2.In the PCI modem setup guide supplied with the modem using AccessRunner Control Panel you are told to set ADSL Head End to Alcatel Network Systems Inc.
This does not work as this setting always defaults to Texas Instruments when running Win98.

3.Finally, a small point regarding the ADSL activation confirmation I recieved from PlusNet. The ADSL username I was sent was However, after many Error 691 (invalid username or password) alerts I used my analogue connection to check this via the My Connection/Settings option on the portal and sure enough it should have been Using this works fine.

There seem to be a few problems here, would be grateful for any feedback from PlusNet, or anyone with some technical expertise.

When it's up and running it works great, getting it to work is a pain.

RE: PCI Starter packs

These settings seem to solve my problems with Conexant AccessRunner PCI ADSL WAN Adaptor for my PCI modem:

O.K. settings to use for Win98:

Line Setup:-

Modulation: Automatic, ANSI T1.413 i2 preferred

Wiring Selection: Line Tip/Ring

ADSL Head End: Texas Instruments

ADSL Head End Env : Non-Specific

Protocol Setup:-

VPI: 0


Encapsulation Mode: PPP over ATM VCMUX (RFC2364)

PCR: Line Rate

These settings resulted in instant line negotiation and access. Overjoyed!

RE: PCI Starter packs

Roll eyes

Hope it still works tomorrow!!.....

RE: PCI Starter packs

good luck m8 i got myself an in ternal modem i got it from though

it sounds a similar modem
my modem is a dynamode or something
but here are my settings

vcmux is the one to use i am conected to acatel network systems

i think i all depend were abouts you are in the country and what modem you are running also i am not to sure if the operating system makes any differnce i am not sure so dont quote me on this..

my adls modulation is the g.dmt

i have had no problems so far ecept for the other night i had to reconect as it just disconected me
and this morning i had to reset my computers as it wouldnt let me in at all. but after i reset my computer it worked againSmiley
Plusnet are a good compny really they offer high standard in there adsl packages and also there web stuff....
good luck m8


RE: PCI Starter packs

No real argument with PlusNet (I enjoy a challenge)!
The settings I posted are working fine - modem syncs line during boot and so far no dropped connections and it's fast (used ADSLguide speed test)

I'm told that the Texas Instruments setting is the only one Win98 will recognise (limitation of OS), may be a fix for this but I don't have it.

Anyway, all is up and running with no apparent problems.