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P2P restricted even when your within limits


P2P restricted even when your within limits

I have been using P2P for a long time but now my download is zeroK until after midnight when it then starts downloading normally.
I am on 30 gig premiur acount my usage has been

Peak-time : 18.49GB
Total : 31.28GB
Peak-time :15.46GB
Total : 24.89GB
Peak-time : 0.01GB
Total : 22.23GB

From this you can see I am not a heavey downloader and I am sticking to the limits I pay for.

I raised a ticket and the reply was

Your download speeds for P2P and usenet may be restricted up until 12 oclock but they are unrestricted from that point
until 8am the next day.


David Watson

So what is going on if I was a heavy downloader I could understand but as you can see I am well within the limits. I pay for 30 gig a month and expect to be able to use 30gig. If I go to a garage and buy a gallon of petrol I would expect to get a gallon not half a gallon.

When I download P2P the max is 60k so again not unreasonable. So Plusnet are now saying you cant use P2P until after 12pm. We all want to stay up until midnight to download dont we.

So plus net have a set of rules but are not telling anyone what they are as the ones the publish are untrue. So what else are they not telling us. It now makes P2P unusable so whats next no email no websites?

I am all in favour of stopping people downloading 100's of gigs at peak times but not stoping normal users getting what they payfore

P2P restricted even when your within limits

Don't forget 20gb of the 30gb peak time bandwidth is the maximum for P2P. Whats your current peaktime usage (8am - 12am)

P2P restricted even when your within limits

11gig which is well within the limits So I wouldnt go over 20 gig in a month.
Well actualy I cant as I cant download squat diddly on P2P until midnight

P2P restricted even when your within limits

hmmm, just a few days ago I was BB+. My download speeds were slow even though my peak traffic was around 15gb. I upgraded to BB Premier and within hours everything was back to normal.

Are you on BB+ (like I was)? To be honest I'm not sure why its happening to you, as you said you're well within the limits.

I hope I don't get throttled for no reason on Premier now :?
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P2P restricted even when your within limits


That answer from CS was incorrect. I would query it again stating that under the new rules, the first 20GB of peak time (8am -> midnight) P2P is unrestricted and ask for the answer to be verified as being correct. If they come back with the same answer, post the ticket number (or better still PM me) and I will raise it to PN via PUG as the agent concerned clearly does not understand how it all works.