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P2P File Sharing


P2P File Sharing

The day i got my Broadband Premier up and running, i was getting speeds upward of 150 kb/s. Which is impressive for a 2mbps account with file sharing. However now a week in to having my account with PlusNet, i am witnessing speeds of no more than 30kbps - having come nowhere near my limits. Could someone please explain this to me as i am getting very frustrated. Chris.

P2P File Sharing

Hi Chris,

Welcome to the forums.

Explain it? Now there's a question. TBH there are many possible reasons which range from Plus Net traffic management to the file you are downloading and where you are downloading from.

There are so many variables and while the traffic management has to account for some of the slowdowns which we Plus Net customers regularly see, it cant be totally blamed.

Ultimately all P2P traffic will be shaped by Plus Net. The more people using the protocol the more it will be shaped and the less there will be to go round.

For me and many others its a case of pot luck. Sometimes P2P speeds are good at others they're close to dial up speeds.

Thats the nature of the beast on a Plus Net account I'm afraid.