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Outlook express


Outlook express

How can I change the setting on Outlook to connect to brioadband and also to access my old BT email account until such time as I can notify the change in my contact details to everyone in my address book?

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Outlook express

In OE, go to Tools Accounts and add an account for Pn with
incoming mail (POP) set to
and outgoing mail(SMTP) set to

and check the box to make it the default.

Then highlight the BT account, click "properties" and ensure the box is ticked marked "include this account when receiving mail", then it should keep on picking up mail till BT close your other account.
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Outlook express

I'd also recommend changing the outgoing server address of your BT account to ''. The procedure for ensuring OE connects via your ADSL connection is dependent on whether you are using a modem or router and if using a modem, whether or not it operates through a Windows dial up connection.

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