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Outlook Settings for ADSL


Outlook Settings for ADSL

I have just installed broadband I am finding that I can download email from my existing email provider (tiscali) but I can't send. It can't make a server connection. Does anyone know if there is some settings I should play with to get this working right. I am using Outlook 2000 on XP with IE 6 and the Binatone ADSL USB Modem.

All help greatly appreciated.

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Outlook Settings for ADSL

You must change your outgoing (SMTP) server for all accounts to

I suspect you have your original ISP's SMTP server still defined which you cannot connect to unless you were dialed into or connected on that ISP's network.

You can still send out email using your original ISP email address through PlusNets SMTP server.


Outlook Settings for ADSL

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