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Sorry all, but I must sympathise with the tech support guys at plus net.

I am an IT manager at a medium sized company who suffered a network outage today due to the MD's insistence that we carry streaming video footage from our cctv systems on our network,

Needless to say, the bandwidth consumed soon saturated our T1 connection, not to mention the LAN.

This was after considering the impact on our services and planning the drain on network resources. After spending a lot of money, not to mention a few grey hairs, services were restored so hats off to the Plus net guys
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RE: Outage

>And your point is? There was nothing wrong with my connection last night. Now I can only access the Portal. That's not what I pay for.

RE: Outage

hats off to the Plus net guys
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yeah agreed plusnet and there technical support is second to none, the best i have ever seen. Ok so i said my dns has died, but i know they are working on it and will find a solution ASAP.

At least they let us no whats going on.

I dont understand why people get so stressed ADSL is not a 100% service.