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OutLook Express on Win XP keeps crashing me!


OutLook Express on Win XP keeps crashing me!

Hello everyone!.

Im posting this looking for some help, and to warn you there may be a virus out there that wrecks Outlook Express.

I'm running a brand new P4 2.4 Ghz computer,
with Windows XP.. everything is running fine.
appart last night when i collected email.
It connected to PlusNets mail server, told me it was downloading new email, then the program stopted responding. I couldnt use ctrl/alt/delete to kill this program and close my pc down properly, as it make my whole computer freeze.
and thus has never happened before.

I have all the up-to-date Norton 2002 anti-virus defs, updated once every week, and it shows no sign of a virus.

But the min i open up Outlook Express 6 now, it automatically starts to download mail, then freezes. and the pc too.

I have logged into my PlusNet mail box via the web, and there is nothing in there to cause anything, other than a PayPal receipt.

So i now open up Outlook Express 6 while im offline, so it wont freeze up.
and i notice now, the emails currently on my inbox, outbox or anywhere on this program, CAN NOT be deleted.

When i try hit the delete button nothing happens, nor does the right click delete.

Then when i close the program im told several mails couldnt be deleted and that there is an error. thats all. no more details!.

I have tried a system restore, makes no difference.
i have even tried to go into add/remove programs so i can unistall and reinstall, but im not given this option on XP.
other than an option to remove the link to Outlook on my PC.

Is there any way of repairing this program on Windows XP?. i have tried going to Microsofts site to re download this, but for XP it seems i can't.

My whole computer took 4 months to install, and i really don't want to delete the whole PC just to fix this.. as everything else works.

Anyone out there know of this problem?
or how to repair Outlook Express on Windows XP?

I recall Windows 98, you could unintall it, and re download it and repair it etc...
but this option has gone on Windows XP.
I havent done anything other than download some mail last night.

Any ideas anyone?


RE: OutLook Express on Win XP keeps crashing me!

Problem has now cleared.
suspect i got hit by a trojan.

see my reply on the General forum.
and watch out for this bug in your mail,
it messes up Outlook Express and won't let you delete mails.
probably b/c over the 24 hours it is running, its collecting all my passwords, or more and sending them to some A hole script kiddie with nothing better to do!.

LOL *sighs* Smiley

RE: OutLook Express on Win XP keeps crashing me!

Hi there. I see you are running XP. Is it Pro, or Home edition ? If you are on Pro, have you installed Service pack 1 ? With the Pro edition you can uninstall Outlook Express and use something else if you wish to. If you have the service pack installed, you can set preferences and defaults from the start menu. I use AVG Professional for viruses, and a good trojan scanner that runs in the background. So far, touch wood, they have caught everything that has been thrown at them and I don't have any problems. I also have a VERY good firewall with stealth capacities, so no one knows I'm there. Hope this is of some help to you.
Regards, John Taylor

RE: OutLook Express on Win XP keeps crashing me!

Hello John,

Im using Windows XP home, with the new service pack 1 installed.

Windows XP - Home Edition -
Version 2002 -
Service pack 1.

Yes i see that option now, set program access and default.

But you know what i said the other day, i now believe i was wrong.

I think the reason for Outlook not deleting anything was (think about it)
XP has system restore running all the time unless you switch it off.

Now earlier on that day i had been using 'ShowShifter Pro' it's like having that Sky Plus thingy for your PC, it lets you freeze live TV then pick up later etc.. or record from TV or satellite in DivX Pro.
It's a great program and at only £48 it's alot cheaper than having Sky plus or that Tevo box.

Anyway when you delete things send them to the recycle bin, they don't actually go off your HDD when system restore is on, until the max disc space comes near the end then it creates a new starting point and would delete off the last (oldest) programs or files from the disc.

I think thats why i had to wait overnight, my disc would have deleted the BULK files i had recored and then sent to the recycle bin, thus i didn't have anymore room to send anything to the bin, until the restore disc cleared.

Sounds baffling, but when you send files 500mb and multiply it alot to the bin all in the same day, it can happen!.

I have only had XP since July, on this new PC. and so i had no idea of how things worked really.
you learn every day!.

Im so used to Windows 98.
Anyway, so i tested this out, checked my restore points and there was only 3 made by the computer.
I then disabled it, and you could hear it clear out!.
then done a re-boot, and enabled it again.
problem solved!.

Next time i create massive files all on the same day, i will remember to flush out the restore part of the disc. i have it set to 1.3 gb, and im using a 120 gb drive of which space is taken up by windows and other stuff.. so in all i have about 103.50 gb left to use.

Sounds alot and it is!.. i only had 3 gb on my old Windows 98 PC and 32 mb ram for 4 years!.

So it is nice to have a pc that can run anything now, thats why i was so worried.
i had been saving up for this for over a year.

Thanks for your help John.

RE: OutLook Express on Win XP keeps crashing me!

PS> If you havent seen the ShowShifter program before, have a look.

It lets you record whole movies into smaller files using DivX Pro compression. plus pause live tv and other stuff. for example you can make a full length movie and have it full screen, and fit it into a 500mb file. depends what you use as compession, you choose from, standard, movies, sports, super or even Win media @ 1.2 or 2 cp.
or direct MPEG-4

It's a handy program, one of the best i have bought.