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Organising Broadband Move to New House


Organising Broadband Move to New House

Please can someone help as I have been trying to organise moving my PN Broadband to my new house (new build). I have tried using the online broadband move tool but as my postcode is only recently allocated my house number does not appear in the drop down list. I used the option for --other-- number but this just returns an error. As for trying to speak to a human at PN it seems like they don't have any on the other end of a phone. Can someone advise how I can organise the move. I have already organised the transfer of my exisitng number to the new property and BT have gave me reference to give to PN but if I can't speak with them how do I inform them of the code.

Please help

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Organising Broadband Move to New House

Raise a ticket and give it to them that way. Don't expect a response much under 24 hours, but they will eventually respond.

I had this problem and another. The code from BT when checked by Plusnet with BT wholesale was declared as not a code for moving a telephone and broadband service simultaneously. So I went back to BT and got a code that was a 'simultaneous' order and when I gave it to Plusnet who checked it with BT wholesale, they declared it wasn't a code for a 'simultaneous' transfer. This went on for about a month with 20 mins on hold for BT and 24 hour response times for Plusnet and numerous codes. Plusnet suggested I move 'non-simultaneously' due to these problems (which were never identified or cured) and have a week without BB.

Of course BT couldn't possibly talk to BT wholesale and sort it out so I had to have my BB service moved a week after I moved house, once my new line had been activated (still waiting, so it may not be over yet!).

A shambles all round really.