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Optimal Settings for 1mb Home ADSL


Optimal Settings for 1mb Home ADSL


I have recently been activated on the Plus Net 1mb Home Package, and I am very happy with it.

I do find though that the speed I am getting varies alot, and reading up people seem to change the MTU setting and RWIN setting.

What MTU and RWIN setting have people found optimal for getting the most from the 1mb Home Package, also the MTU I am able to select on the router itself and also the properties for the Network Card, I assume I set the same MTU on the router and the network card?

Thanks in adavnce for your help Cheesy

Optimal Settings for 1mb Home ADSL

MTU 1500, RWIN 26280 is a good place to start.
Changing MTU doesn't make much difference since BT
made changes but you could experiment. MTU values
of 1430, 1458,1472 & 1492 are popular. RWIN in each
case would be a multiple of MSS, ie MTU -40. eg MSS for
an MTU 0f 1458 = 1418 x 18= 25524 RWIN.
Some people are advocating using very high RWIN
values eg. MSSx44 but the higher the RWIN the higher
the likelyhood of packet loss so its best to experiment
and see what suits your line best.