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Optimal DNS Servers


Optimal DNS Servers

I need x2 questions answered if I may.....

1) Can someone post a complete list of ALL dns servers currently available to customers?

2) Im currently using the default dns servers (Telehouse East )

Can anyone say whether there would be a benifit of using a different dns server then what I am currently using?

Reason I ask is purely one of interest/curiousity
(Please don't say 'no benifit' without backing it with a good reason Wink

EDIT - Have just changed my router to use the dns servers for Telehouse North ...

Don't know whether its me - but webpages seem to be more responsive!
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Optimal DNS Servers

You now know all the PlusNut DNS servers. There are 2 others but they will shortly be decommissioned so there is no point using them.

The reason why 6.9 & 6.10 may be perseved to be quicker is that they are not the default DNS servers allocated by the radius servers (i.e. when you logon to ADSL) so they will be less busy. You may actually get the same improvement by just defining 13.49 as your primary and 13.50 as secondary.

In practive the difference will be small because there are multiple servers at each IP address I believe. The tests I have performed on all 4 suggest they all respond within a few ms of each other most of the time. All 4 are also caching name servers.

Optimal DNS Servers

I already had 49,50 set as default as apposed to getting them automatically. I think your right when you say that 9,10 are not default and therefore will be under less load Smiley