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Operation Timeouts


Operation Timeouts

Hi everyone,

Is anyone getting timeouts on any sites? I've been getting timeouts on a few places like E-bay.


Operation Timeouts

Think I am having a problem with macromedia
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Plusnet Staff
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Operation Timeouts


Have you tried Hotmail, MSN or MIcrosoft? If one or more of these don't work then I'd suggest it could be your MTU/RWIN settings. This sort of problem crops up quite a bit with these sites.

If you go to you can download a piece of software called DrTCP. There's also details of how to use it on

My recommendation is to set the MTU to 1430 and RWIN to one of the following depending on the speed of your connection

512 = 13900
1Mbps = 27800
2Mbps = 57600

Reboot your equipment and then retry the sites.