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Ony receiving 1MB speeds on 2MB Premier package


Ony receiving 1MB speeds on 2MB Premier package


My line has just been activated, but im only getting 1MB download speeds even though im on the 2MB Plusnet Premier package.

I have spoken to Plusnet customer services who tell me that for some reason BT have provisioned my line at 1MB.

I had a 2MB ADSL service from previous ISP Bulldog Communications for the last 2 years and my exchange is approx 300 metres away, therefore I should be getting a full 2MB service.

Can anyone perhaps shed some light on this or had similar experiences?

I've tried rebooting my router, but still says im connected at 1.1Mbps

Ony receiving 1MB speeds on 2MB Premier package

I would imagine that if your line has only been provisioned to 1Mb then thats all you are likely to get until BT extract the digit and provision your line correctly.

Surely the dudes (and dudettes) at PN should be on the case of BT on your behalf.

Ony receiving 1MB speeds on 2MB Premier package

I've got a 2Mb PAYG account, but only get 1Mb download speed. Have raised a ticket with plusnet, who said:

When we regrade a provision of speed on a line, we submit an order to BT Wholesale who run the initial tests and provide the speed at the maximum that the line can support. I would suggest that if you contacted BT retail that they would give you a standard line as fed back by the BT speedtester at (put your phone number into the box on the right) that just tells you that your exchange is enabled at upto 2Mbit, it doesn't actually confirm that your line is capable of running at that speed as it can be affected by distance from the exchange, quality of line and equipment upon that line.

The figures specifically measured when provisioning a line, BT look for an attenuation level of 43db or less with a good SnR level.

I complained to BT, who responded:


Thank you for your e-mail dated 4/5/05 about Why is my broadband only at 1Mb/s?.

This may be due to the distance of the line from the local exchange.

Our initial test on your line indicates that you should be able to have Broadband from BT with speeds up to 2Mb.

I reccomend you speak with Plus Net to ensure the service they applied for is the 2mb. Should you need further assistance you can call us on 0800 800 030.

So, looks like a catch22 situation.
I'm only 348m from my exchange, and my SnR figure less than 43db. It's around 30db if I remember.

Ony receiving 1MB speeds on 2MB Premier package

Thanks guys, I've raised a ticket with plusnet and am just waiting for them to action it with BT.

Its really strange that with my previous ISP Bulldog Communications I was able to receive full 2MB speeds and that was for approx 2 years.

Anyway I'll wait to see what Plusnet and BT come up with...