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Oh no! Yearly Contract - Help


Oh no! Yearly Contract - Help

Hi fellow plus net lusers

I signed up with plus net for adsl 3-4 weeks ago. Since the adsl was activated and the router starter pack arrived there has been one problem after another after another .. ad nauseum. Well this is not really true. The problems have overlapped so really its 'and' instead of 'after'. We must all know the latest problem has been frequent complete loss of adsl.

I need this to work. Not as in all the time with sla and compensation when it breaks. But I do need it to work. I need it to work so I can work and earn my crust. It just doesnt. Its as simple as that. It just doesnt. Its a waste of money.

Plus net may sort these problems out. They may even learn to capacity plan so that these kinds of problems are recurrent. On the other hand they may not. I dont know whether they will or not, but on the basis of my experience with them, I have to think that they may not.

If these problems persist I really have no choice but to change provider. Unfortunately I made the mistake of signing up for one year. If I had know how unreliable Plus Net were going to be I would not have signed up for one year; well I probably wouldnt have signed up at all to be honest.

I asked Plus Net to change my contract to monthly. It seems fair enough under the circumstances. You can imagine that these people have said that they cannot do that.

Does anyone have any suggestions how I get this company to act in an ethical manner?

TIA - Lyndon