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OFTEL to block May 1st ADSL price cuts??


OFTEL to block May 1st ADSL price cuts??

This really is of grave concern to users such as myself who are hoping to upgrade their 512k dsl to one of the higher offerings from may 1st, There is a real danger that oftel in their wisdom will block any such cuts thus bringing the new +net 1 and 2 meg options into real doubt.

Here is a link to the register story about this:

While the story itself does not suggest that this will certainly happen it does suggest that oftel will make a final decision on the matter early next week but it does'nt look good. Sad

RE: OFTEL to block May 1st ADSL price cuts??

Hi there,
Theres a similar thread to this in the main PlusNet forum, if you're interested.
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