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Numerous TCP connections when I use Webmail


Numerous TCP connections when I use Webmail

Hi. I suspect that the problem that I'm having is to do with my router set-up, but here goes. Whenever I connect to Webmail (which I realise is an SSL connection), a utility that I have, called 'Netstat,' shows that I have typically 20-80 TCP connections to Plusnet (server?) IP addresses. My router occasionally logs numerous UDP packets sent to my PC at the same time.

I just ran 'ipconfig /all' and found that I don't have DHCP enabled. TCP/IP properties show that I don't have the IP address assigned automatically, but have fixed it to an address outside the DHCP range that I have set on my router (I am purposely avoiding having my PC in the DHCP range, on advice from someone more-knowledgeable).

Is it possible that this could be the reason for these numerous TCP connections, and is anyone having the same symptoms?

I've already run this past Plusnet support, but they've no answers. I think that these numerous connections are slowing down Webmail transactions markedly, otherwise I'd ignore them. Thanks.

Numerous TCP connections when I use Webmail

Static IP addressing (AKA, non dyncamic/DHCP) will not affect this (not entirly sure why you have been told not to use DHCP, it is far better for slipstreaming changes by your ISP).

I am not 100% sure what you re trying to say is wrong here.

SSL connections normaly always use one connection per request (each image, CSS or javascript file is a request), because of the nature of encryption technology.

Whereas, standard HTTP sessions can in some cases, resuse connections.
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Numerous TCP connections when I use Webmail

Are you using Internet Explorer. This is typical for that browser as it opens a separate connection for each image or SSL request.

Try using Mozilla which only uses a couple of connections that I can see and uses far less connections in total than IE for normal browsing.

Numerous TCP connections when I use Webmail

Thank you both for your replies. I've been wanting to check out Mozilla for a while. I'll post back if that sorts it out.